Bath Jello™ Gel Bath Pillows  Lumbar Pillow for Bathtub

Bath Jello™ Gel Bath Pillows Lumbar Pillow for Bathtub



  • [ Revolutionary Design ] Bath Jello is the world's first and only lumbar pillow for bathtubs and Spas. This one-of-kind bath pillow is uniquely designed to be used underwater, providing ideal lumbar support to disperse spinal pressure and relieve lower back discomfort. Now it’s time to take your soaking experience to the next level. Never soak with nothing to support your back!
  • [ Born-for-soaking Material ] Thanks to the solid but ultra-elastic material, Bath Jello reforms its original shape right after stretching and squeezing. It is engineered to bounce back and withstand wear and tear from normal use. Its superior durability and extra soft properties are attributable to the tensile membrane structure and the rubbery flex jell material. It offers the ultimate jello-like sensation to the touch, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • [ Upgraded Honeycomb Structure ] Bath Jello features a double-layered honeycomb structure design, soft but firm enough to prevent and alleviate lower back pain when soaking. It doesn’t trap any bath water thanks to the hundreds of air channels. Simply leave it in the tub to air dry after every use. Before the first use, rinse with soap and water is recommended as the product is packaged with the environment in mind without plastic bags.
  • [ Ergonomic Design ] Designed to provide the ultimate coziness, Bath Jello is the first patent-pending bath pillow that conforms to your shape and cradles your back. It can be placed at the low or upper back position according to your needs. Bath Jello provides the ideal amount of support to your spine, giving you the ultimate relaxation you deserve when soaking.
  • [ How to Use ] The gift-able Bath Jello package consists of 1 x bath pillow and 2 x removable silicone suction cups. Before filling water in the tub, insert the provided suction cups into any chosen smaller cells of the pillow, and then stick them to the bathtub to secure position. You can always adjust the placement of the suction cups to help the bath pillow stay in the desired area of the bathtub.
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